Yieldster Automation Plattform

Create your own Yield Stack.

DeFi Automation Platform

Drastically Reduces the Barrier of Entry for Users & Investors.

Easy to use

Replacing technology barriers with intuitive UI


Checks and balances, access controls, and tools to enable regulatory compliance


Review of security audits of participating protocols and strong, multilayered access controls prevent erroneous transactions and loss of funds



Automated execution of even the most complex strategies ensure no market opportunities are missed

Cost Effective

Optimized order execution and dramatically reduced transaction cost


Wide variety of expertly crafted strategies to choose from or build your own using our simple to use API

Create your own Yield Stack

A Yieldster vault allows investors to automatically execute attractive investment strategies. Different strategy templates can be combined easily to construct high performing and complex portfolio management strategies. Our platform does the heavy lift for you under the hood.


Create your vault


Apply strategies


Deposit funds


Start earning

seriesOne LIVA Fund

Case Study

seriesOne LIVA Fund

The seriesOne LIVA Fund is the first fully licensed fund built upon the Yieldster Framework. Investors directly own their equity in the seriesOne LIVA Fund, while maintaining full exposure to the underlying DeFi investments.

The seriesOne LIVA Fund is powered by an autonomous, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithmic strategy that deploys capital across yield bearing DeFi protocols to provide liquid and stable investment returns over time.

The seriesOne LIVA fund is a restricted public Yieldster vault, accessible to anyone whitelisted by the Fund Maneger. It promotes its strategies to ends users within the Yieldster ecosystem as well as directly to institutional investors.

TopicRead more in the LIVA Fund Case Study

Yieldster Vaults

Yieldster Vault targets two groups of users - the professional strategy developers and investors.



  • YieldsterA Yieldster Vault allows investors to apply and execute attractive investment strategies in the most secure and cost efficient way
  • YieldsterTo enable sophisticated leveraged strategies, the Yieldster Vault can manage both assets and loans
  • YieldsterInvestors can move their assets in and out of DeFi protocols and farms at dramatically reduced costs and sometimes no costs at all
  • YieldsterInvestors can hold any asset or loans approved within the Yieldster Framework in a highly secure environment based on a forked version of the audited gnosis safe
  • YieldsterInvestors can view all aspects of their underlying assets and loans guaranteeing unprecedented transparency
  • YieldsterAccurate, reliable and auditable pricing of all underlying assets used in Yieldster Vault strategies

Strategy Developers

  • YieldsterThe Yieldster Vault enables strategy developers to focus on developing their strategies rather than handling and managing assets. Different strategy templates can be combined easily to construct high performing and complex portfolio management strategies
  • YieldsterApproved strategy developers can create public Yieldster Vaults to share and promote their strategies to end users, and promote their Vaults across the Yieldster environment
  • YieldsterReduced time and costs of smart contract audits for developing new strategies
  • YieldsterTo ensure regulatory compliance, Strategy Developers can target or exclude specific users or groups through easy access management of the Vault
  • YieldsterVault tokens are automatically available as assets or collateral within other Yieldster Vaults and instantly qualify for leverage of up to 2.5 times
  • YieldsterQualifying projects may also receive additional seed liquidity through the seriesOne Liva Fund or other special purpose funds

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