Order Balancer / Executioner

Automatically find the lowest cost path through the DeFi Jungle


Deep Liquidity

Minimizing slippage by sourcing liquidity across all major DEXs and CEXs. Even across chains.

End to end & Cross chain

Easily and seamlessly move assets from one protocol to another, not just swap between assets

Flawless Execution

The order executioner monitors the completion of even the most complex transaction plans and can even automatically retry failed transactions.

Trust but verify

The built-in transaction validator ensures that a transaction plan creates the desired outcome prior to submitting the transactions for execution.

Rules based routing

Transaction plans can be filtered by path restrictions like provider quality, execution speed, reliability and many more.

Best Price Execution

Order Balancer automatically finds the best prices for any assets and protocol and creates an optimized transaction plan for execution.

Protocol Native

Order balancer creates a transaction plan using each protocols own native smart contract functions.

Self-learning and self-optimizing

The order balancer is a dynamic and self-optimizing intelligent topology overlay for DeFi enabling simple and complex transaction plans for most digital assets and protocols

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