Yieldster SDK

Web3 programming with Python

Build your next DeFi application with the Yieldster SDK and experience easy and precise transactions, powerful data fetching and connections to DeFi protocols. The SDK is open source making web3 development simple and powerful.

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  • Easy & precise Transactions

    Move amount a of asset A from wallet A on chain A to wallet B on chain B expecting asset B.

  • Saving developer time

    Drastically reduces complexity and time of DeFi feature & application development.

  • Connects DeFi Protocols

    Enables connectivity to all DeFi Protocols with one call

The Yieldster SDK: Core Features

Navigate the entire DeFi space with one call.

Yieldster SDK

[Quote/Execute] move amount a of asset A
from [Vault/Contract/Wallet]
on [origin chain]

to [Vault/Contract/Wallet]
on [target chain]
expect [min/max/exactly/stake/nothing] of asset B in return

under [Path/Vault Restrictions]

One API for all Chains, Protocols & Assets

Inbuild Order Balancer and Executioner

Participate in the marketplace and earn money

Creating an abstraction on top of the blockchain

Utilize every protocol without the learning curve of their specific interface.

Vault creation

Deploying a vault can be as simple as adding a list of assets and an advisor. The SDK provides a host of powerful advisors created by a community of experts. These advisors can be customized to fit the specific needs of vault users.

  • Python

Simple Transactions

The balancer can simplify a variety of transactions. The lending balancer will choose the most favorable lending protocol that provides the lowest interest with the safest margin; and might migrate the loan to a more favorable protocol if conditions change. This abstracts away any management from the advisor developer.

  • Python

Complex transactions

The order balancer can find the optimal path between any group of tokens, ensuring the lowest price and gas cost. These transactions might include minting, staking, borrowing and arbitrage. Optimizing complex transactions remove the barrier between what needs to be executed and how it is executed.

  • Python

Precise transactions

The balancer makes it easy for users to use specific protocols they are comfortable with. Each protocol is wrapped around a set standard that abstracts away low-level smart contract function calls. In this way any protocol can be accessed without the knowledge of blockchain programming languages.

  • Python

Data Sources

Getting accurate data feeds for crypto currency and especially DeFi products can be a challenge. Often information saved on the blockchain is incomplete or requires data and algorithms from off chain to be comprehensible. The SDK will collect this information and make it available in a convenient format.

  • Python

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